Your Pineal Gland & Your Health � Part I

Your Pineal Gland is your Master Gland. Find out why in this powerful lecture by Nwenna Kai. Learn the relationship to age, death, disease, to the two hormones that the Pineal Gland secretes which are melatonin and serotonin. Find out why scienticists, researchers, and medical doctors still do not know much about this gland and why they do not tell you about this gland. Find out real anti-aging secrets as related to Your Pineal Gland & Your Health.


Turning Your Passion into a Business

Turning Your Passion into a Business
In my early 20′s I was always sick. Learn how I turned my experience with illness into a thriving business and monetized it. I am living the life of dreams teaching and educating others about living healthier lives and making money doing it. Learn how to first identify your passion, grow your platform, monetize your passion, and do it from the comforts of your home.


How to Beat Stress?

My blog posts and articles are always inspired by my clients, friends, and the community I serve when they email me their questions about their health and their diets. I always feel so inspired to help and write and serve and so I wanted to write this blog post about conquering stress since a good friend of mine reached out to me and asked me about what he could to help him with his stress. Stress can be extremely detrimental in our lives. This is one of the reasons why many people can’t and won’t heal from disease as it can block your means to healing.