Healthy Foods for the Liver

Maintaining healthy liver function is essential to ridding the blood of harmful toxins and promoting healthy digestion. Smoking and drinking alcohol in excess and dehydration all negatively impact the liver and increase the risk of heart disease, liver failure, chronic headaches and fatigue, and digestive problems. But even if you are drinking enough water, you don’t smoke, and you don’t drink alcohol much or at all a healthy diet is still so important for a functioning liver. Here are five brilliant foods for you to add to your diet:

  • Garlic—This potent food may not be the best choice for the day of a big date, but it is amazing at  cleansing the liver because of its high amount of allicin and selenium. It also helps the liver activate enzymes that flush out toxins, and adds a burst of flavor to any dish.
  • Beets—Beets are high in plant-flavonoids which help maintain a healthy liver. They are great in salads or as a refreshing juice.
  • Grapefruit—Also delicious as a drink or eating whole is the grapefruit. High in detoxing properties, antioxidants, and vitamins, the grapefruit is great at flushing out those nasty toxins.
  • Turmeric—This spice stimulates the production of bile, digests fats, and helps detox the liver. Try this vibrant flavor in my Creamy Corn and Coconut Casserole from my book The Goddess of Raw Foods.
  • Walnuts—High in omega-3 fatty acids and glutathione, walnuts are great for cleansing the diet. A handful is great as a satisfying snack or you can add them to salads and other dishes! Try adding them to my delicious Apple and Parsley Salad from my book or for a sweet option, my Banana Pudding.

And always remember that you should never sacrifice taste for health, because they work best together.

Stay happy and healthy!

The benefits of Seaweed

Seaweed is high on the superfoods list. The fantastic plant from the sea is nutritionally dense and packed with minerals—one of the best in the world. Nori (the seaweed used for sushi rolls) and kelp are the most common, but you should also try arame, wakame, and dulse. Some say seaweed is the reason for Japan’s low rate of disease. And here’s why you should include this amazing food in your diet:

  • Detoxifying—seaweed is a great detoxifying food because of its rich chlorophyll content which works wonders at eliminating toxins and waste.


  • Alkalizes and purifies your blood—because the chemical composition of seaweed is close to human blood plasma, it is a great food to regulating and purifying your blood. Seaweed also neutralizes the acidity that comes with most of the foods we eat.


  • Weight loss—the high level of iodine stimulates the thyroid gland, thus boosting and maintaining the metabolic system. The stimulation of the thyroid can also prevent fatigue, high cholesterol, and muscle weakness.


  • Anti-cancer properties—seaweed can help regulate estrogen and estradiol levels; these are two hormones that maintain healthy sexual organs and keeping the levels regulated can help prevent against breast cancer.


  • High in antioxidants—the high level of antioxidants found in seaweed can help prevent inflammation and thus avoid asthma, obesity, arthritis, depression, and, muscle weakness.


For some ideas on how to incorporate seaweed into your meals, check out my book The Goddess of Raw Foods for recipes including my Goddess of the Sea Salad and my Seaweed Miso Soup. Seaweed with some sesame seeds and seasoning is great as a side dish, or you can buy dried sheets from the grocery and store for a low-cal high-nutrient snack.

Stay happy and healthy!