The Revolution Starts @
The Dinner Table

World-renowned & award winning author, raw foods expert, adjunct professor, & wellness entrepreneur Nwenna Kai has truly pioneered the raw foods and wellness movement with her LA-based raw foods restaurant Taste of the Goddess Cafe where celebrities such as Forest Whitaker, Randy Quaid, Orlando Jones, Angela Bassett, & Derek & Sophia Luke flocked to.
Presently as founder of The LiveWell Movement, a multimedia total wellness company that creates customized corporate wellness programs, speaking engagements, community cleanse programs, books, consultations, and seminars, Kai has worked with organizations and companies like ModSpace, The American Diabetes Associations, Mother Bethel Church, & The Ogontz Avenue Revitalization Corporation (OARC) to increase staff productivity through wellness learning and build healthier community grocery stores in lower-income urban areas.
Nwenna Kai has appeared globally in print, TV, and radio in Self Magazine, The Philadelphia Tribute, LA Mag, Heart & Soul Magazine, Purely Delicious, Cuisine Noir, Pacifica Radio, E-Entertainment’s True Hollywood Stories about Diet Fads, NBC’s The Ten Show, and The Travel Channel’s Taste of America.
Nwenna Kai lives in Philadelphia and is eagerly preparing for motherhood.