4 Foods to Prevent Colon Cancer

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month and its also the best time to review those New Year’s resolutions that we made on January 1st.  This is the first quarter of the year and its a great time to check in and do an audit on your health.   We all know the basics to health like eating a diet that is low in fat and sticking to good plant-based fats and making sure that you are consuming lots of fresh raw fruits and vegetables (at least 51%).  We also know that a diet high in plant-based protein and fiber will prevent most degenerative diseases like colon cancer.  Colon cancer mostly strikes elderly men, but it is a cancer that is quickly striking younger people more every year.

While you do not have to pack your diet with lots of fiber in order to prevent colon cancer, a  healthier lifestyle coupled with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables will also keep the colon clean as well as a good raw foods cleanse such as The 7 Day Raw Foods Cleanse 

Cleansing the colon at least once a year is a must.

Here are 4 colon cancer-fighting foods

1. Broccoli is the number one food to prevent most cancers.  It has two of the most powerful anti-cancerous agents that actively suppresses tumors. Broccoli contains vitamin A, C, E, & K which are all critical for the function of the digestive system.

2. Sweet potatoes are considered a superfood because it contains complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, beta carotene, and antioxidants.  Sweet potatoes also speed up bowel function and reduces your colon’s exposure to toxins.

3. Edamame in Japanese means “beans” and this bean contains ample amounts of soy protein and fiber that helps to prevent colon cancer.

4. Eating non-dairy yogurt everyday that is full of probiotic cultures is the best choice of food that you can make for your intestinal health.  Yogurts can be made from coconut kefirs or any one of your favorite nuts.  It balances your flora and contains easily asorbable vitamin D.

So share this anti-cancer salad with your family and friends and eat to keep your colon healthy.  And join us this month for The 7 Day Raw Foods Cleanse.  Its starts Sunday, April 14th – Saturday, April 20th

And we are offering a 25% discount in honor of colon cancer awareness month!


Anti-Cancer Salad

1/2 C broccoli

1/2 C cauliflower

1/2 C raisins

4 carrots shredded

2 nori sheets

dulse flakes

1-2 lemons

olive oil

Process the carrots, broccoli, and the cauliflower in a food processor all separately until the vegetables have a couscous texture. Shred the carrots. Tear the nori sheets into bits and pieces.  Add everything including the raisins in a mixing bowl and toss in olive oil, lemon juice, and dulse flakes and enjoy!

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