7 Habits of Healthy People

Healthy People take on different habits than unhealthy people.  They are consistent in learning and educating themselves to make their lives and the lives of others healthier.  Check out our 7 habits of healthy people.
1. Healthy People make time to shop for fresh food and prepare healthy food. We do not make excuses for not being able to eat healthier.  We make it a ritual just like taking a shower.
2. Healthy people create a budget for healthier eating and we do not complain that eating healthier is more expensive.  As a matter of fact, eating
healthy doesn’t seem expensive for healthy people.  Its like healthcare for us.
3.  Healthy People make time to exercise.  Exercise and constant movement is a part of our lifestyle.  As a matter of fact, healthy people have created a lifestyle that is quite mobile.  So walking, moving, dancing, etc is a part of our lifestyle. 
4.  Healthy People take the time to cultivate healthy relationships.  Healthy people realize that 85% of our joy comes from people and relationships so healthy people take the time to maintain wholesome healthy relationships. 
5.  Healthy People embrace the healing power of the sun.  We use the sun as a way to rejuvenate and heal ourselves.  You will find us sunbathing often, at the beach, giving thanks for its energy, letting the shine in through 
our windows, or taking daily walks to soak up some of that good old sunshine.  
6.  Healthy People know how to relax and take time for ourselves.
Healthy people let other people (children, spouse, significant other, friends) know how important it is to have ME time and others around us respect our boundaries and also learn how to set boundaries as well. 
7.  Healthy People are constantly growing and evolving.  We are constantly taking on new projects, enrolling in self-enrichment courses, classes, seminars, etc.  We are invested in our evolution.

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