7 Ways to enjoy An avocado

Avocados grow all year long and they are a great source of good fat.
Babies and children love them as they make a highly nutritious easy to make baby food.  Most of us are introduced to avocados by way of guacamole, another very easy and quick dish to whip up!
However avocados are a very versatile food that can be enjoyed in a myriad of ways.
Here’s 7 food prep tips for using an avocado.
1. Mash an avocado as if you are making mashed potatoes
and use as a spread or as a butter on bread, inside of a leaf wrap,
or atop a flax or buckwheat cracker.  Drizzle some lime or lemon juice
in the mashed texture and add chili flakes.
2. For any fruit ice cream or sorbet, substitute it for an avocado.
3. Dice an avocado and add it to your morning fruit salad with diced mangoes, papaya, apples, and some berries.  Add lemon or lime juice to bring out the flavor and to keep the avocado looking green.
4. Add an avocado to your smoothie. It smoothes out the texture and makes
it very creamy.  You won’t be able to taste it.
5. Mash the avocado and add it to your dark leafy green salad.  When you add some lemon or lime juice and curry powder it functions as a creamy salad dressing and It adds to the texture and the taste of the salad.
6. Scoop out the avocado shell and add your favorite grain whether its raw or cooked like quinoa, kamut, or brown rice and top with olives and diced avocado. Drizzle olive oil or a marinara sauce on it and enjoy your stuffed avocados.
7. Make an avocado salsa by adding diced avocados to diced tomatoes, corn kernels, diced jicama, red onions, and cilantro.

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