Coconut Oil doesA body good

Coconut oil is a multi-purpose miracle food.  You can consume it internally and wear it topically on your skin and hair.  Consuming coconut oil internally keeps your thyroid healthy, supplies your body with good fats and stabilizes your metabolism.  Wearing it topically hydrates your skin and hair and gives it that glow it needs.
Here are my recipe suggestions for using coconut oil.
For morning breakfast protein intake.
Green Chocolate Lover’s smoothie
1 large handful spinach leaves
1 T ground golden flax seed
1 T cacao powder
1 C almond milk or coconut milk
1 T almond butter
1 frozen banana
1 t virgin unrefined coconut oil
Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth and frothy.


For those who cook, here is a wonderful side dish for your dinner.  

Leeks & onion melody
3 stalks leeks
1/4 white onion
chives for garnish
1 T coconut oil
a few dashes of cumin
Trim the green part of the leeks and slice the white part for sauteeing.
Sautee both the leeks and the sliced onions in a tablespoon of coconut oil for
3 minutes.  Add a few dashes of cumin.  Serve and garnish with chives.

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