Juicing 101

Juicing is a wonderful component to add to your healthy lifestyle.

Its’ benefits are numerous, but many of us are stuck as to how to start and why?

Here are 7 Juicing Facts to Get You Started

1. Start with a base juice.  Your base juice is the fruit or the vegetable that has the most juice in it.

2. Fresh juice is best drank right after juicing.

3. Save pulp to make dips, sauces, or for compost material.

4. A Breville juicer is best for those who are new to juicing.  Its quiet and easy to use.

5. Juicing allows you to take in more nutrients than eating solid foods.

6. Juicing is better on the digestion system because it has little to no fiber in it.

7. Juicing should complement your diet.  It should not be the basis of your diet because it lacks ample amounts of protein and good fats.

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