The benefits of coconut oil

Coconuts are hot on the health-food scene right now, and deservedly so! They are so versatile in what parts can be used—oil, water, sugar, flour, milk, or flesh—how each part can be used, and their health benefits. Coconut oil, however, is becoming more and more popular for its cure-all properties. This healthy fat made from pressing mature coconuts is a great substitute for, or addition to, your traditional kitchen oils and fats.


  • Lowers “bad” cholesterol—Despite being high in saturated fat, coconut oil is an exceptional food because these fats are healthy for your body. One of the fats, lauric acid, a medium chain fat, increases the good HDL cholesterol in the blood thus improving healthy cholesterol ratios.


  • Boosts the immune system—Rich in anti-oxidants, coconut oil can prevent heart disease and promote overall wellness. Coconut oil is also rich in anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, and studies have shown a connection between the oil and helping to prevent certain cancers.


  • Skin and hair care—Coconut oil can promote glowing, moisture-rich skin and hair internally and externally. The fatty acids help your skin stay youthful and clear, and your hair soft, strong, and shiny. But when applied to the surface of your skin, it can perform as a non-greasy moisturizer or anti-aging cream. It can also be a great conditioner for your hair, and can be mixed with other ingredients to make more products such as body scrubs for a natural glow. A great alternative to the harsh chemicals we find in commercial products.


  • Improves brain function—Coconut oil is said to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and this is because of the connection between the medium chain fatty acids (MCTs) and brain function. These healthy fats may maintain cognitive functioning and good memory as well as helping to repair neural pathways.


Don’t dismiss the rest of the coconut though! Coconut water is extremely refreshing and hydrating as it is high in electrolytes. Give it a try it in my Green Goddess Smoothie. Dried or fresh coconut flesh is a great low G.I snack to give you energy and it is packed with fiber. The meat also works well for cooking, like in my delicious Unbaked Creamy Corn & Coconut Casserole.  Check out these recipes and more in my book, The Goddess of Raw Foods.  


Happy healthy eating, all!

Juicing 101

Juicing is a wonderful component to add to your healthy lifestyle.

Its’ benefits are numerous, but many of us are stuck as to how to start and why?

Here are 7 Juicing Facts to Get You Started

1. Start with a base juice.  Your base juice is the fruit or the vegetable that has the most juice in it.

2. Fresh juice is best drank right after juicing.

3. Save pulp to make dips, sauces, or for compost material.

4. A Breville juicer is best for those who are new to juicing.  Its quiet and easy to use.

5. Juicing allows you to take in more nutrients than eating solid foods.

6. Juicing is better on the digestion system because it has little to no fiber in it.

7. Juicing should complement your diet.  It should not be the basis of your diet because it lacks ample amounts of protein and good fats.

Coconut Oil doesA body good

Coconut oil is a multi-purpose miracle food.  You can consume it internally and wear it topically on your skin and hair.  Consuming coconut oil internally keeps your thyroid healthy, supplies your body with good fats and stabilizes your metabolism.  Wearing it topically hydrates your skin and hair and gives it that glow it needs.
Here are my recipe suggestions for using coconut oil.
For morning breakfast protein intake.
Green Chocolate Lover’s smoothie
1 large handful spinach leaves
1 T ground golden flax seed
1 T cacao powder
1 C almond milk or coconut milk
1 T almond butter
1 frozen banana
1 t virgin unrefined coconut oil
Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth and frothy.


For those who cook, here is a wonderful side dish for your dinner.  

Leeks & onion melody
3 stalks leeks
1/4 white onion
chives for garnish
1 T coconut oil
a few dashes of cumin
Trim the green part of the leeks and slice the white part for sauteeing.
Sautee both the leeks and the sliced onions in a tablespoon of coconut oil for
3 minutes.  Add a few dashes of cumin.  Serve and garnish with chives.