The Best Superfoods to Eat

What is so super about superfoods is that they have a plethora of functions along with an abundance of vital nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that the body cannot make on its own.  They not only nourish and sustain our bodies, but they also help to heal the body by eliminating toxins and they will reverse disease in the process.  There are an abundance of superfoods in the plant kingdom, so these top 7 superfoods are easily accessible and available and easy to get into one’s diet.

Take a look at these 7 different types of superfoods and how they can fit into your diet.

1. Raw Cacao is best known for its high magnesium and iron content.  It is best taken in powder form and used in smoothies and for desserts.  It has a high antioxidant content that beats the antioxidant content in red wine and green tea.  Be sure to purchase certified organic raw cacao as Navitas Naturals is the best of its kind for its price.

2. Wild-blue green algae is high in plant-based protein.  As a matter of fact, its protein content is as high as 70%.  You can get it in powder, capsule, and liquid form and take it like a multivitamin.  Chlorella and spirulina are the best forms of algae and they contain virtually every known nutrient known to humankind.  They are a key food for diabetics as they are known to help control blood sugar levels.  My favorite form of spirulina can be purchased through the RawPower website.

3. Maca root is known for increasing one’s energy levels, libido, immunity, and fertility.  It is available in powder form and used mostly in a smoothie.  Dr. Oz made it famous on his show for those who suffer from low libidos.  Traditionally it comes from Peru and has been used to increase energy and elevate one’s fertility.

4. Acai berries have a high source of vitamin A, vitamin C, beta carotene and they have the same pigments that red wine has so they are full of antioxidants as well.  They are available as a freeze dried product and can be added to smoothies.  They taste like cranberries with a hint of chocolate to them.  Acai berries are indigenous to Brazil and can only be found here in the States as a freeze-dried product.  Add acai berries to your daily smoothies.  There is also acai berry juice available, however it is usually pasteurized.

5. Avocados are a great source of fat.  As a matter of fact, one whole avocado contains 32 grams of fat.  Use avocados as a butter or a spread on bread, cabbage leaves, leafy greens, flax crackers or eat it whole in salads.  Also add avocados to your smoothies to create a creamy texture and you won’t even taste it.  And of course making an easy guacomole recipe is always ideal!  I have a wonderful guacamole recipe in my book, The Goddess of Raw Foods.

6. Kale is the magical dark leafy green that supplies us with vitamin K.  Kale is best consumed raw as steaming kale not only minimizes its nutrient content, but the taste of kale significantly lowers when it is cooked.  There is black kale, green kale, and even purple kale.  Mixing all three in a salad and tossing it with some flax oil and dulse flakes and adding avocado and olives to it makes a great kale salad that you can stuff in a cucumber or in a wrap.  Kale is a superfood that contains easily digestible proteins and acts as a wonderful protein source for vegans.

7. Coconut Oil is our miracle food as it can be used both internally and externally.  It not only moisterizes our skin and hair and provides luster and shine to both, but it also regulates our metabolism and thyroid gland.  It is also a wonderful food for those who want to lose weight as even though it has good fats, the body still needs a source of good fat in order to lose weight.  Buy the unrefined virgin coconut oil as this is the best for your body.  Trader Joe’s has a wonderful source for only $5.99.


Choosing the right Superfood for you

Superfoods are essential on a plant-based diet.
Why?  Because the food we consume today has at least 50%
less nutrients than it did some 30 years ago.  And our bodies
are just not getting all the nutrition it needs simply by the plant-based
food sources in raw form.
Superfoods are foods that contain a plethora of vitamins, minerals,
nutrients, protein, fiber, antioxidants, beta carotene, flavonoids, calcium,
iodine and a host of other nutrients that most foods do not contain all
in one food source.  You usually have to eat a number of different foods
to get all of those nutrients.  Superfoods are these God-sent multi-tasking,
multi-purpose foods that give you lots of nutrient richness in a low-caloric
form.  I tend to look at superfoods as a higher quality form of a multivitamin.
For example, one orange contains the recommended daily amount of
vitamin C that the body needs.  Vitamin C is the main nutrient in an
orange. It does also have small amounts of fiber (when eating the white
matter under the skin peel), vitamin A, iron, calcium, zinc, sodium, etc.
However its not like raw cacao, where chocolate comes from, a favorite
superfood of many that contains high amounts of magnesium, iron,
antioxidants, essential fatty acids, sulphur, and it contains natural hormones
and stimulants that help to combat depression and alleviate stress.
The best way to choose the right superfood is to first determine
what your body mostly needs.
Because I have a thyroid condition, I make sure I consume and have on hand in my pantry plenty of seaweed vegetables and I also take a superfood from E3Live called Renew Me, Total Body Blend which acts as my multivitamin because it contains high amounts of iodine, manganese, zinc, copper, protein from the spirulina, MSM (an organic sulphur), selenium, chromium, etc.
So choose a superfood according to what your body needs first and then
based on what your palette desires.
I also like to munch on goji berries for a snack and add chia seeds for protein to my dehydrated crackers, smoothies, yogurts, puddings, and salads.
This is how you want to eat –  for nutrition first and for taste second by
determining first what your body needs and then for taste to satisfy your palette’s desires.