Food Is Our Medicine Foundation

Food is Our Medicine Foundation is our food activism program that works to develop health and wellness social change programs for low-income urban children in establishing food and nutritional justice to America’s next generation.

Our social change programs include, but are not limited to the following:

  • We take urban school children to farms..
  • We teach food preparation classes in schools.
  • We provide week and summer long day camps for children to learn about food systems.
  • We take children and their parents to local supermarkets and health food stores and show how to shop for food that is our medicine.
  • We influence our policy makers to make laws the promote social and economic change, food and nutritional justice, and for our children

We are actively seeking agents of change for our board of directors. We are actively seeking attorneys, doctors, politicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, media people, investors, fundraising experts, etc to assist us in our development of social change programs.