Weight Loss

What’s Really Eating Us:  Black Women & Weight – A 3-month weight loss coaching program

This program is designed to not only create huge weight loss results, but to also uproot deep rooted cultural and racial beliefs around diet, health, weight, and love.

Over 70% of black women are overweight and/or obese.  According to the CDC by 2030, 100% of black women will be overweight and/or obese.  Black women have a unique cultural connection to obesity and weight.

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Have you heard of the terms strong black women?  Or do people often tell you that you are healthy?  Do men tell you how they prefer “thick” women?  Did your auntie tell you that Black women are naturally bigger?

Well, we will as a group debunk and deconstruct these myths.

In this coaching program, we will not only lose weight, but we will make the connections of black culture, weight, emotional eating, stress, love.

This program is ideal for black women looking to lose up to 90 pounds in 3 months.

.: Must have or acquire a gmail and Facebook account

.: Must be willing to submit before and after pictures

.: Be able to follow instructions

.: Participation is key


How will we do this?

The course will be delivered via email, Facebook, and Nudge, a smart phone app.  The app will be used for private coaching when available.

What does the course include?

.:  Meal plans

.: Weekly assignments

.: Cultural & Historical lessons

.: Accountability Partners

.: Nutritional Mapping

.: Sculpting and Toning Techniques

.: Stress Reducing Course

.: Self-love Course

.: Emotional Eating

.: Taking Care of the Female Body (Bonus course)

.: Grocery shopping

.: Holiday and social eating

.: And much much more


Women cannot be pregnant and should not be breastfeeding unless you plan to wean your baby.

Women Exercising Together


Course Starts September 15th

The benefits of this program is not only the weight loss but the removal of deep rooted believes systems around race, weight, and culture. Part of the monies from this program will go to send supplies to the people in Sierra Leone.

The program is $125 a month for a total of $375. Or you can save $75 and pay a total of $300 for the entire 3 months.  You can send your donation to nwennakai@gmail.com OR sign up at the link below.

The first 20 women will receive an autographed of my book, The Goddess of Raw Foods.